Kenya Mission 2017
Throughout this year, we received many missionaries from different countries:

In April, Karim Kreta from Ghana and in July, Jessica Kenawaty  from Egypt followed by Karl Baldacchino and Claire Mifsud from Malta. Geeske Braams came from Holland.
In August, Roger Magdy, Myriam Fahmy, Mourad Barsoum, Bassem Shoukry, Michael Eskander, Coucla Barsoum from Egypt, Claudia Youakim from U.K. and Nermine Azer from Canada.
In September we received Carmen Micallef and Aidan Miccallef from Malta.
On weekly basis we receive Pretty and Esmeralda from Naivasha. They all did there best to give our children a memorable time. 

Thank you all for everything you have done for us.

Kenya Mission

June,July & August

There is so much fun in the air! It's summer vacation -  time for relaxation and time to be a kid. With 13 missionaries from Egypt, 5 from Canada and one from Poland, there is an exciting summer program and an abundance of love and support.

Some themes from this month are "Yes we can!" ,"Be happy!" " I am incredible".

The days are filled with water games, aerobics, inspirational movies, arts and crafts and so much more. 

The missionaries were also having fun in re-painting the school and sorting new books for our new library. The children can't stop asking when the library will be ready so that they can dive into reading.

We thank Anna (Poland)  and Mourad (Egypt), who spent Two month with us. Their love, efforts and dedication were greatly appreciated. We also enjoyed the presence of Michael (Egypt), he did a great effort in teaching math to our children. 


library 3


2016 KENYA / EGYPT MISSION /TOUR: Anna, Alycia, Les, Maria and Sarah (from Canada) left a great impact on St. Therese community. Their work and contribution were greatly appreciated.

Kenya Mission 2015

To serve our 50 children during their holidays, we received missionaries from 4 different countries;
Egypt, Malta, Canada and Slovakia. The program was filled with great topics along with sports, crafts, discussions and debates. The holidays were wrapped up with a camp fire in the school yard, allowing the children's creativity to shine: composing songs, choreography, drama and games. The words are not enough to recognize the impact each missionary left behind. May God bless them all.

Happy Dance! 

Children at the Center dance to Pharell Williams 'Happy Song". Here's to a Happy World... 

Since the beginning of the year, we've been blessed with so many missionaries. All of them are working very hard to fulfill or our childrens' needs. May God bless them and reward them. 


August, school holiday month, Let's have fun!!!

We were blessed with 18 missionaries  from Egypt, Malta, Canada, Dubai,Slovakia.

The team prepared prior to their mission a full schedule for the children.

The different themes was chosen as follows:

Date                 Theme                                      

Aug 1-5              Around The World                  

Aug 6-10            Farming Project                     

                         (+Community Service)

Aug 11-15           Kenya's Got Talent               

Aug 16-20           Scouting                          

Aug 21                Fun Day                            

                          (Water games, face painting...)

Aug 25-27           Hopes & Dreams            

The children enjoyed a multitude of different activities that made this month an unforgettable one. The joy was shared with the neighbouring orphanage called (The Children's village) who spent a week with us.

The missionaries, though very busy schedule, were able to complete some hard labour jobs: Making banshees,Repairing chairs,Sanding and Painting desks,  chicken Farm, Decorating the counselling room, Painting the Stations of the cross.

The workshop team has completed the green house. The second one is nearly finished.





Update from St. Therese Development Center, April 2014:

We now have 46 children and their progress is remarkable.

They attend the Center School( Guiding Star) every day. The teachers are generally pleased with there academic progress.

With 3 psychologists on site, the healing process is on the rise.

We had a break of chicken pokes in February and 16 of our children got affected. The HIV positive children were quarantined for two weeks. We hired a matron to take care of the children at night.

In regard of our latest addition to our Center, 


We are very proud to announce that all equipments  for the lab, the supplies for the pharmacy and the furniture for the consultation rooms have been delivered . The clinic is OPEN TO SERVE THE WHOLE COMMUNITY OF MIRERA as well as the resident of the Center.

We have a residing doctor from Slovakia , a laboratory technician, and a medical officer. 


The vegetable farm is doing well and the produce is amazing. With the addition of the green house for the tomatoes, We do not need purchase any fruits, vegetables or meat.

The animal farm is also doing well between the chickens and the goats. All is growing. 

Well done St. Therese staff. We are pleased with your performance.

Keep up the good work. 


St. Therese is always blessed with great missionaries. This summer, we received  multi-nationality groups from Egypt, Malta, Slovakia, Check Republic, Belgium, Kenya and Canada. Amazing services from all of them. Each individual shared his/her talents and strength with the children during the end of term holidays.They also gave a big hand to prepare the clinic before the grand opening. From cleaning and painting to assembling the hospital beds and much more,WELL DONE. We can only say : THANK YOU, May God reward you. 


St. Therese Development Center is currently housing 40 beautiful children and providing on site education at the Guiding Star Primary School, which opened officially on January 29th of this year. Thanks to our incredible staff and volunteers, our children are enjoying full-time studies from Monday to Friday and are progressing at a remarkable pace.

Our two central gardens continue to thrive and the success of these gardens along with our fish farm and 35 goats allows us to provide a healthy and hearty diet for each child and staff member living at the center.

Our staff and volunteers contributed endless hours of care for our children and we are very proud of the family environment that has been created as a result of this effort and commitment. Our children are able to enjoy countless hours of games and activities and have forged bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.

In March 2013, our missionaries took part in a three-day course where they learned about child trauma and post-trauma care. The course instructed our staff about effective practices when working with abused children, and focused on team approaches as well as one-on-one strategies for building confidence and strengthening trust with the children. Our missionaries have gained a new perspective and are confident that the skills acquired through this workshop will allow them to be successful as mentors and leaders at St. Therese Development Center.

Our next step is to complete the construction of the on-site clinic, which will provide medical services to the children in our home as well as members of the localcommunity. The ground was broken for Total Health Clinic on January 29th by Honorary Guest Sherif Gerges. Our goal is to finish construction in July with a grand opening to the public following in August. 



Canadian Hearts and Hands is celebrating it's tenth anniversary of operations. It's mission has always been dedicated to serving others in need through the gifts of Faith, Hope and Love and Rejoicing. This summer, our missionaries transformed the "Morning Star" building into a home, ready to receive the children starting in September. It did not matter how big or small the required job was, they completed them with great caring and love. May God bless you all.




The mission started off with a three day course on African Culture at Tangaza college. The course consisted of daily field work along with lectures and readings. During the first week in Nairobi the missionaries spent time with the boys at Rising Stars Langata. We are pleased to announce that they have moved into their new accommodations; which they are thrilled about! During that week they also spent time with the boys atDon Bosco. They wrapped up the first week serving the disabled at Mother Theresa’s House

The missionaries then headed to the town of Naivasha, to be the very first missionary group to work at St. Therese Development Center.
Please view the PROJECTS page of our website and click on the PHOTOS link for pictures of the 2011 Summer Mission work at the St.Therese Development Centre.

The missionaries reached out to three different local communities. The first one was at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School for Girls. There they split the 250 girls into four groups. It is important to note that the young women and children of Naivasha are troubled with such issues as discouragement, prostitution, rape, drugs and abuse. The workshop, entitled The Pursuit of Happiness, was geared to encourage the young girls to express and talk out their fears and concerns. The five days were broken up to include topics of dreams, ambitions, career choices, gender equality, morality and sexuality. 

The second community outreached by the missionaries was the children at Nancy Memorial Primary School in Longonot. They worked with 35 boys and girls ages between 10-15; majority from the Maasai Tribe. The 35 children were split into two groups where discussions about cultural diversity, fear, morality and hopes took place. 

The third community served was the youth group of St. Francis Xavier Parish, during the last week of the mission. A two day camping trip allowed over 40 youth to get out of their daily routines, to encourage them to open up and discuss their concerns and thoughts. A variety of topics were discussed, primarily gender equality and leadership. Their participation and collaboration made the camping trip very successful. 

Mission 2011 was a great success from every angle. 2012 is ready for us, with a lot more to do.

NAIROBI, KENYA         February 2011

A visit to the Rising Stars in February and March was joyful and successful.There are now 54 children residing at Rising Stars. Most of them are between the ages of six and eight, which is younger than our average age.

The self-giving work of nine volunteers,6 locals and 3 from Europe, exceeded expectation and helped us achieve our goal of developing a local volunteering program. Several staff meetings (full staff meetings as well as meetings with individual staff members) took place to discuss and evaluate progress as well as suggest areas for improvement.

We thank the staff and volunteers for their willingness to accommodate the needs of our children and to serve them better.


NAIROBI, KENYA          July 2010

House of the Rising Stars is now home to 41 Children and 11 Staff members. Staff members participated in training sessions during the month of July. The new school/dormitory facility is almost finished, and the boys will move in on November 25th. Missionary work also took place at the Mother Theresa Centre in Nairobi.

In September, a conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association was held in Nairobi. From Canada, the following dignitaries attended:

    The Honourable Charlie Parker, member of the Legislative Assembly in Pictou, Nova Scotia

    Patricia Chaychuk, clerk for the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

    Jerry Ouellette, MPP of Oshawa, ON

They visited Rising Stars, talked with and spent some time with our boys. We were honoured by their visit.


NAIROBI, KENYA/ CAIRO, EGYPT          January 2010



Canadian Hearts and Hands' mission back to Nairobi Kenya in January 2010 resulted in many exciting new changes for our organization. A new spirit has been added to the school, with our boys being split into 4 different teams in which they work together and feed off of one another's positive energy. As the years go by, it is truly a blessing to see how these children grow into themselves and become positive members within their community. They are driven for a better life. They are driven for a bright future and they are driven to make those who support them proud…everyday. The permanent presence of Father Makarios, allows these children to strive for confidence, security, and to be an instrument of God in their daily achievements.

Our school, previously called the Langata Center, has also changed its name to the House of the Rising Stars. Along with the change in name comes a big move for the center. Four individuals from Italy have generously opened their hearts to our children and donated funds to build a new home for the Rising Stars (Thank you to Father Felice at Utume). Construction has begun, and we will be able to accommodate 130 boys as of December 2010. This has always been a dream for Canadian Hearts and Hands, and our prayers are being heard. Our objective now is to build a new school to serve all of these new boys, as well as all the children from the community, which includes the Kuwinda Slum. We are looking for support from all those who have always lent a helping hand and opened a generous heart for those in need. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated; not only from Canadian Hearts and Hands, but from a group of children whom you mean everything too. Your generosity over the years has actually been an inspiration to these children and a model in the way they wish to lead their own lives in the future.

January was a busy month for Canadian Hearts and Hands as the mission was also taken to Cairo, Egypt to visit the children in the orphanage. The warmth and love witnessed in these children's eyes was overwhelming. It is true that, in life, sometimes the littlest thing you do can have the biggest impact; the tiniest gesture can change your life and how you feel about something. That small gesture in our eyes is what we gave these children and that big impact is the way they made us feel in return. A feeling like this is unforgettable; a feeling like this makes to strive for more, to give more ,and be more in the eyes of the children in Cairo. Please help us in making their dreams come true because we can tell you they have also made our dreams come true.


NAIROBI, KENYA          July 2009

Missionaries of Canadian Hearts and Hands just arrived back from a month long stay at our school (The Langata Centre) in Nairobi, Kenya. We are happy to report all arrived home safely and we were overwhelmed with joy to have such a successful mission with our boys.

The group spent 3 days a week with our boys at our school teaching and guiding them. They successfully completed final term exams and we took them on their annual school trip where they spent the day visiting the giraffe center, elephant orphanage, and Crocodile Park. Some of our artistic boys also completed drawings for greeting cards and wrote beautiful letters of gratitude. The boys also had many opportunities to speak with us privately about feelings and challenges. We are happy to report the boys are doing very well and were overjoyed to have this month with us and likewise. The July 2009 mission was a success in that our days there were fulfilling and our boys are so very grateful. We were truly blessed in every moment we had in Kenya.

The other three days, we had the pleasure of taking our mission to Mother Teresa's House of the Disabled. There we spent our mornings doing laundry, brushing their teeth, doing dishes, feeding and spending time with patients, as well as, making and cleaning beds. Mother Teresa's House is a beautiful and inspiring place, as well as quite serene.

The patients at Mother Teresa's House are in wheelchairs, some with physical deformities, and some are subjected to beds at all times. They are all physically and mentally disabled with a need for full time care and assistance to get through a day of normal activity. We know we are not helping to improve health but a simple smile in return is so very precious.


NAIROBI, KENYA / CAIRO, EGYPT          January 2009

The Langata centre continues with its mission to serve the street children of Nairobi. To continue its work, Canadian Hearts and Hands has provided for more staff at the centre; including a social worker, psychologist and an extra teacher. This brings the number of permanent staff to six in addition to a priest to minister to the spiritual needs of the children.

In conjunction to our current Kenyan mission, we are assisting the Missionaries of Charity in their work with handicapped orphans. These sisters continue the work of their foundress, Mother Teresa, who instituted the congregation to serve Jesus in the poorest of the poor.

Canadian Hearts and Hands is also supporting two centres in Egypt: Our Lady, Queen of Peace Centre for the handicapped and the Good Shepherd Home for orphans. These two places provide love, care and support for individuals in Cairo and Canadian Hearts and Hands is proud to assist them in their mission.

NAIROBI, KENYA          July 2008

During the July 2008 mission to Nairobi, Kenya, various works/projects were completed, to improve the structural aspects and increase the capacity of Langata. The following projects were completed:

  • Two new additional dormitories and an extra classroom were added. The classrooms were furnished with updated blackboards and desks. 
  • The library/ recreation hall was renovated for health and safety reasons and equipped with books and games, thanks to the donations from generous individuals and schools in Toronto. 
  • An infirmary was erected to treat children who are ill. 
  • A fenced walkway was assembled, leading to the washroom facilities, to avoid attacks from guard dogs that are used for security during the night.
  • Furthermore, as a part of the children's personal, social development and group formation, a new program was implemented, involving a social worker and/or psychologist if needed.
  • Missionaries taught English, Math, Science, Catechism as well as crafts and personal hygiene. The children also participated in sports such as volleyball, soccer and other games.

Although these changes have been made to improve the health and safety features of the centre and to meet the necessities of living, this centre still remains modest, to accommodate the residing children, who come from humble beginnings and to eliminate any social, economic and cultural shock they may experience.

As a special note, Canadian Hearts and Hands would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Fr. Douglas May for his continued assistance with the Langata mission.


NAIROBI, KENYA          February - March 2008

In the aftermath of the December presidential elections, the political situation in Kenya became increasingly dangerous. In the weeks following, violence erupted in many parts of the country, especially in Nairobi. Canadian Hearts and Hands president, Chahira Tadros left for Kenya in early February to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of the children in Langata, as well as the stability of the project. This visit also help set into motion the work for the Mission Team leaving in the summer. The 2008 Summer Mission team, which at present is comprised of seven people, will be leaving in July.

NAIROBI, KENYA          July - August 2007

Work in Langata expanded on last year's achievements.


  • Structurally, the centre's capacity was increased to accommodate 30 street children. Bathrooms were updated and showers installed. New furniture was built for the dining hall. Tin sheets on the roof were replaced to prevent leaking. The children were also involved in these renovation projects, to make the space their home and foster a sense of pride within responsibility.

  • Landscaping projects included planting of flower beds around the perimeter of the centre, painting of the exterior walls and gates, and the relocation of the animal pens away from the dormitories.

  • New classrooms, lockers and changing rooms were added. 

  • Electricity and plumbing were upgraded throughout the centre. A water tank was also installed to provide clean drinking water. 

  • A new academic curriculum was developed and implemented, with an emphasis on each child's personal development and social conduct within the community. Textbooks and school supplies were shipped to the centre from Toronto. Missionaries taught English, Math, Science, Catechism as well as crafts and personal hygiene. The children also participated in sports such as volleyball, soccer and other games.

NAIROBI, KENYA          May - July 2006

This mission focused on the Langata area, one of Nairobi's larger slums. Missionaries worked with the Salesian order to gather, rehabilitate and give hope to street children affected by poverty and violence. Work centred on teaching and social work, as opposed to previous missions which balanced teaching with manual construction. 

  • The current centre in Langata has a capacity to house between twenty to twenty-five children. The future aim of Canadian Hearts and Hands is to expand the facility to house at least forty children.
  • Children of various ages are gathered from the streets and are given a home-like environment. These children live on the streets and survive on their own means, mostly by begging or petty theft. Many of them are orphans whose parents have died from AIDS or other diseases. Some end up on the street because their parents could no longer afford to raise them.
  • Once children are placed in the centre, they are rehabilitated and given a basic education. Many of them lack the social skills that children who live in normal communal circumstances are exposed to. They are taught basic skills like preparing meals, basic hygiene and proper behaviour.
  • Missionaries also taught basic Math and English to older children.
  • After the initial period of adjustment, the children are moved to a larger facility also staffed by the Salesians and are enrolled in school. Those who complete high school eventually are apprenticed to learn a trade.


MACHAKOS, KENYA          August 2005 - April 2006

The Machakos Catholic Technical Training Institute was the focus of Canadian Hearts and Hands' 2005-2006 mission. To see the problems that were affecting the centre, click on our Destinations tab. The following are some of the activities that the missionaries and the students of the centre worked on. 

Structural Renovations 

  • Installation of new furniture and fixtures in the kitchen and dormitories. A new sewage system was installed.
  • Rusted tin roofs were replaced.
  • An eight room guest house was refurbished. An extension to the staff house and a reception room was added.
  • The dining hall was painted and fitted with new window frames. 
  • Security was increased in the school with the installation of a barbed wire fence, hiring of night watchmen, and the purchase of guard dogs. Extra lighting was also added to the area.
  • Designated areas were assigned for proper garbage disposal.


Classrooms and Workshops 

  • A storage area was renovated and supplied appropriately for the welding course. This welding shop is used not only for teaching students but also for repairs around the school and to make objects for sale to support the centre.
  • The workshop was also renovated. Equipment and supplies (chairs, benches, vises, etc.) were added.
  • More than 40 sewing machines were repaired and fixed to train students in tailoring.
  • Students were given access to newspapers and periodicals to keep them informed.


  • In the beginning the land proved poor and underdeveloped. Now, the property has successfully cultivated the land to provide for the centre's needs.
  • An irrigation system was introduced with new pipes and water sprinklers to efficiently use water.
  • Not only are there plants, but livestock as well. Goats and sheep were bought for the centre, making it a working farm.
  • More the two hundred trees were planted around the school.
  • Plants from the garden were cultivated and have become a source of income for the centre.


  • The goal of the institute is not simply the physical well-being but rather the complete development of the person in all aspects. Below are some ways that life in the centre has improved for the students.
  • Dedicated athletics areas, like volleyball and soccer fields, were developed for students. Equipment was also purchased for their use.
  • Areas around the school were designated as walk ways and gardens for quiet reflection.
  • A sound system was installed for group gatherings and entertainment. Once a week, students were treated to a movie night.
  • Monthly social gatherings for the entire school.
  • Establishing a prayer area in the middle of the school grounds, with a crucifix and beautiful rocks and flowers.
  • A chapel was set up in the school to enrich the spiritual life of the community. Daily Mass is also celebrated in the school for the students and teachers.
  • Building pride and respect for the local culture by encouraging the traditions of the area, especially through dance.


  • Clean water has, by far, been the biggest improvement for the centre. Without water, the community cannot function. Digging the bore-hole ensured that the centre would no longer be dependent on rain for their source.
  • The water is fed through a system of 450 feet of underground pipes and is then stored in three large water tanks that supply the centre.
  • The centre has also provided water for the entire community, free of charge. There are pipes that lead outside the centre to a station where the community gathers in the morning and in the evening to get water. More than 450 families in the community now have access to free, clean water.

PHOTOS   Better Centre Before        Better Centre After


NZAIKONI, KENYA          July 14 - August 15, 2005

The group's work focused on skill building; Math, English, First Aid, Sewing, and other livelihood training as a means to add to the family's income. Other activities included:

  • Youth evangelization: supporting and affirming the faith of the youth
  • Summer events for youth and children in all centres of the parish
  • Visitation and blessing of homes
  • Upgrading the youth centre in Nzaikoni



PIEDRAS NEGRAS, MEXICO          July 26 - August 16, 2004

In addition to activities from the previous mission, the group also contributed to the following projects:

  • Completion of one wing of a new centre (which will include a church, clinic, learning centre, and restrooms) - painting, furnishing (i.e. building tables), installation of a drop ceiling, and electrical wiring
  • Collection and shipment of computers for the learning centre
  • English lessons and the organization of a soccer tournament as part of the "Vacaciones con Jesús"program.



PIEDRAS NEGRAS, MEXICO          August 4 - 18, 2003

In its initial mission, Canadian Hearts and Hands began working in various colonias or neighbourhoods of Piedras Negras, in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. The scope of the work included:

  • Community building projects - painting, cleaning and structural repairs with local leaders
  • "Vacaciones con Jesús" - "Vacations with Jesus", the children's summer program comprised of catechesis, games and crafts within the various centres
  • Distribution of clothing, school supplies, sports equipment, and first aid supplies
  • Engagement in Mexican culture through attending and celebrating various special occasions with the wider community, as well as visiting rural chapels and communities.



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