St. Therese family is growing,

We are asking for God's blessings and strength  as we are serving 65 children that has been badly hurt and abused. 

Another solar system 
We have been blessed by  the generosity of many people around the globe and this one is from Malta. The new solar system is covering the security light. 

Filtered Water In The Center

We are happy to announce that a water filter has been placed to rectify the high level of fluoride in the drinking water that result dental fluorosis, an irreversible condition characterized by blackening and cracking teeth.

If left untreated fluorosis can also leave bones vulnerable to fracture.

 X-Ray Machine





xray 1

Our fully equipped dental office is now open and serving our children and the surrounding community.

Dental Office



March 2016

We thank Tomas & Anna (from Slovakia) and Cherine (from Egypt) for their time and effort spent in the Center. We wish them all the best in their respective futures. We would like to welcome our new missionaries Peter, Maria, Clemens and Marilis from Malta and Germany.

We would also like to welcome the new staff members in all our different departments: Naomi at Total Health Clinic and Pharmacy, Hannah and Lois at Guiding Star School, Daisy and Leah at Morning Star Children Residence.

 To honour KEN ALLEN, DHL Express GHO,on his birthday, Sub -Sahara Africa team decided to offer him a gift that will bring joy to less fortunate children and donated a playground to the Center, within our ground. FUN FOR CHILDREN was completed and opened on August 17, 2015


2015 Shipment

DHL EXPRESS shipped 116 boxes from Toronto Canada to Naivasha Kenya

Our recognition and thankfulness to:

Ken Allen
Charles Brewer
Alan Cassels
Darryl Wettlaufer
Andrew Williams
Ezra Oguto
Scott Nagel

Toronto, Canada


Naivasha, Kenya


Donation of dental office equipment and supplies,
Henry Schein 
Lora Mayhew
Dan Wilson

Donation of Ultra sound machine CCE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 
Larry Chesler

Donation of Medical supplies
Dr. Nabegh Abdelshaheed 

Donation of medications cart
Helen Huh
Collection  of goods for the shipment::
Bruce Brown
Rita Perta
Maria Trigiani
Bosco D'souza
Marlon Saldanha
Denzil Noronha
Leonard DeSouza
Mona Boulos
Parishioners of St. Justin Martyrs Markham, Ontario
              preparation and  packing of all  goods.
                                  Samia Pitcher

Donation of commercial van DHL Kenya
ALan Cassel
Ezra Ogutu
Donation of children clothing
International school, Nairobi

                                          New projects 2015

Solar water heating 

Beach Volley Ball field

Happy Easter to everyone. May the Risen Lord continue to bless you and your families and fill your lives with hope, peace, and love.

From the St. Therese and Canadian Hearts and Hands family we wish you a


Children at Thompson Falls 

The children enjoyed themselves immensely at the Thompson Falls. It was a great event. 

This Thanksgiving, we were all united in prayer all around the world to recognize all the gifts in our lives. At St Therese, each child had a chance to express him/herself. It a very moving and powerful prayer.




TV News

The first Lady of Nakuru visited the Center together with other community leaders.

2014 Shipment

DHL has generously shipped over 100 big boxes again  this year. 

What a team, what a spirit.

A very special THANK YOU to:








More DHL 2014 Shipment Photos



 1. Stephen M Githinji

     Chief Magistrate Naivasha Law Courts

    "A good place to be. Good work is done here"

 2. Lucia Kinuthia

     Mama Nakuru County

  " Lovely place to be, Thank you, congratulations wish you all the best"

 3. Njuguna Kamau

    Chairman; Kenya National Chamber of commerce and industries

    Nakuru County 

Click to see their comments


Easter Message From Fr Makarios Isaac: 

"I will Rise Again" 

He came to free the captives; Captives of sicknesses, diseases, death. He came to give hope; hope of forgiveness,  a new kingdom,  an eternal life. People followed him, they believed him by faith and actions. He left with them important words: "I will rise again". They wrote these words on their forehead, on their hearts and on their hands. But they did not grasp the meaning of " rise again'. Rise from what? Rise from death? What a kind of death this is?

The passion of Christ was more than physical. The rejection of the people, the betrayal of a friend, the denial of the rock. Everything started to shattered around Him.

They mocked  him with His own words:"you said you will rise again".  He was hoping to hear words of encouragement, but they all left him . He prayed for that cup of suffering to be taken away from him, but the cup was not empty yet. It was completed by his physical pain. He never said a word to defend himself. He gave His life to the fullest so He can rise again.

This became the song of the church, He is risen, he is truly risen.

My dear friends, probably you experienced similar pain, not the cross but the passion itself. Always remind yourself with the joyful words of hope, you will rise again. Always hope for the joy of the resurrection. Don't forget the words of encouragement . Yes, you will rise again, no matter how long or how short is the passion. We are all in His hands. No one can snatch us: no friends, no enemies , no wealth, no poverty, no health and no sickness. We belong to Him, we are His children. The passion will be the reason for our strength. The resurrection will be the reason for our existence.

Keep the hope and faith alive.

Wishing you all a HAPPY EASTER. 


Update from St. Therese Development Center 

April 2014

We now have 46 children and their progress is remarkable.

They attend the Center School( Guiding Star) every day. The teachers are generally pleased with there academic progress.

With 3 psychologists on site, the healing process is on the rise.

We had a break of chicken pokes in February and 16 of our children got affected . The HIV positive children were quarantined for two weeks. We hired a matron to take care of the children at night.

In regard of our latest addition to our Center, 


We are very proud to announce that all equipments  for the lab, the supplies for the pharmacy and the furniture for the consultation rooms have been delivered . The clinic is OPEN TO SERVE THE WHOLE COMMUNITY OF MIRERA as well as the residents of the Center.

We have a residing doctor from Slovakia , a laboratory technician, and a medical officer.


The vegetable farm is doing well and the produce is amazing. With the addition of the green house for the tomatoes, We do not need purchase any fruits, vegetables or meat.

The animal farm is also doing well between the chickens and the goats. All is growing. 

Well done St. Therese staff. We are pleased with your performance.

Keep up the good work. 


On August 21, 2013 We had the Grand Opening of the clinic. We were honored by the presence of many friends who came to share our joy with this new addition to our Center. This clinic will serve the residing children as well as the whole community of Mirera.

Special THANK YOU to SHERIF GERGES who succeeded to raise the fund through his climb of Kilimanjaro and made this dream come true.



Current Edition

"The Compass" Volume 5, Edition 1

January - June 2013: Our latest edition of The Compass is here. This special edition commemorates the grand opening of the St Therese Development Center in Naivasha, Kenya, Africa. Learn about our current project and all the new developments in our mission abroad. Send us your comments by e-mailing us. 

The Compass: Volume 5/Edition 1     January - June 2013 

On March 14th 2013, our center was visited by several DHL representatives including: Ken Allen – Global CEO, Charlie Dobbie - Executive Vice President Global Network Operations: Aviation and IT, Charles Brewer - Managing Director Sub-Saharan Africa, Ezra Ogutu - Services Manager, Kenya, Benjamin Rop - Fleet Supervisor, Kenya, and Susan Njoroge - Marketing & Communications Manager, East Africa. Our staff and children were overwhelmed by the generosity of these individuals when they presented each child with several personalized gifts. DHL has been an extremely gracious partner and have sponsored a large shipment of supplies to be sent in June from Canada to our home in Naivasha, Kenya. During their visit, DHL also announced that they will be donating a school bus to St. Therese Development Center. 


Inauguration of the St. Therese Development Center, Kenya, Africa

On August 10, 2012 the St. Therese Development Center held its official opening ceremonies.
Please view the following letter and press releases regarding the opening.

Letter from Premier Dalton McGuinty

News Article from Kenyan newspaper, The Standard, Tuesday August 7, 2012 

News Article from Kenyan newspaper, The Star, Tuesday August 7, 2012 

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