Christmas Cards Created by the Artists of Sainte-Madeleine

Chacun de Nous, December 2006: By now, we are all familiar, from the previous issue of Chacun de Nous, with the history of Canadian Hearts and Hands, an international non-profit organization founded by one of our teachers here at Ste. Madeleine, Chahira Tadros.

Mme. Laurie-Anne Brooks, teacher of the grade 2/3 class, organized a contest this fall for our students to design Christmas cards to raise funds for Canadian Hearts and Hands.

Pictured on the above photo are the winners of the competition, whose works of art grace the front of the cards. Congratulations to Amber, Olivia, Elie, Mathieu, Jenna and Delainey for their efforts and thank you for using your talents and creativity to help our brothers and sisters.

Anyone wishing to obtain these charming Christmas cards, which say "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" inside, can call Ste. Madeleine at (416) 395-5312. Prices are $1.50 each, $8.00 for 6, $15.00 for 12 and $22.00 for 18. Please make cheques out to "Canadian Hearts and Hands".

Let us not forget, in these busy time to remember the meaning of the season and appreciate the joy in our lives, our work and our families. I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Chacun de Nous is a publication of the French Separate School Board (South Central District)

Heeding a Papal Call: Canadian Hearts and Hands Part of WYD 2002 Legacy

Innocent Madawo. The Catholic Register, Week of November 19,2006: Be the "salt of the earth" and " the light of the world" are two phrases Pope John Paul II uttered during world youth day celebrations here in 2002.

These phrases induced sustained applause from the thousands of youths who attended the celebrations and the millions watching all over the world, but when the applause died down, many moved on with the echo of the pronouncement.

Chahira Tadros of Toronto, however, took the late pontiff's words to heart. Tadros, a devout Catholic and youth organizer for the celebration, was touched by the passion in the Holy Father's words. She felt like he was talking to her and like a soldier called to duty, she sprung into action.

Without prior preparation or resources, Tadros began approaching youths right there to answer the pope's call to be the "Salt of the Earth" and the "Light of the World". How? some might have asked, and she had a ready answer. Let us give ourselves in service for "our brothers and sisters in need around the world."

That saw the formation of Canadian Hearts and Hands, a volunteer organization "Dedicated to enhancing the physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being of God's people around the world, through the long-term development and educational plans implemented by its missionaries."

With a few other lay Catholics and clergy, including Fr. Makarios Isaac of the Toronto Archdiocese, Tadros, a teacher, started soliciting volunteers and funds to go to third-world countries to assist needy communities.

Funds were raised through donations from charitable organizations and through community ventures such as selling rosaries and car washes.

"The response was excellent from the youth as well as adults." said Tadros.

The first beneficiaries of the new organization's benevolence in 2003 were more than 120 youths in a village in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

The Canadian youths went to Piedras Negras loaded with computers, they built a community centre and installed the computers and other materials, all donated. The project had to be extended into 2004, when it was finally completed.

By 2005, Canadian Hearts and Hands' reputation had spread among charitable organizations and individuals in Canada, bringing more donations and volunteers. That same year, the focus of the organization also shifted to Africa. Tadros and her troop headed for Nzaikoni, Kenya where they worked in a local youth group to upgrade a community centre and train local women in "livelihood programs."

Word of their presence and their good work spread in Kenya. "We were invited then to go to Machakos where we upgraded a technical institution for youth and young adults. We supplied all the machinery for sewing, welding, carpentry and mechanical work," said Tadros. "We upgraded the school's furniture, school supplies, sports equipment and taught welding, math, catechism and Catholic morality."

The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace was also handy to provide funding and equipment to drill a borehole to provide clean water to the Machakos Institute and the neighbouring Kathome village where people have been using a swamp for their water needs.

The group is also sponsoring school needs for poor children working on the streets of Nairobi. The organization will continue in 2007 before it moves to Egypt where work has already been lined up to assist an orphanage for mentally challenged children.

(Madawo is a freelance writer in Toronto.)

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Canadian Hearts and Hands: A Mission Without Borders

Chacun de Nous, October 2006: Teacher Chahira Tadros, has returned to Ste.-Madeleine after a few months in Kenya. Chahira is the founder of "Canadian Hearts and Hands: A Mission Without Borders".

The goal of this non-profit mission is focused on the physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being of God's people throughout the world. It also works to establish educational facilities, staffed by missionaries in some of the poorest areas of the world.

In January, Chahira traveled Kenya with Canadian Hearts and Hands to work with other missionaries in the restoration of the infrastructure of the Machakos Catholic training Centre and provide drinking water for the students and the surrounding villages.

In the last two months of the mission CH&H worked on gathering street children in Nairobi to live and study in the Langata Centre. These children, ranging in age from 6 to 16, live alone in the streets or have been abandoned by their parents. Others have been left orphaned by AIDS.

Chahira describes the experience as unforgettable, " As missionaries, we give the children what their parents could not provide for them; from field trips to lessons in ethics and morals, even basic skills like hygiene." The attention given to these children help them develop and prepare for the future.

The organization will continue its work in the coming year by financially assisting the centre. The goal is to raise the number of students living there to thirty. The organization provides for their school supplies, uniforms and the necessary facilities for their housing.

In this month of the missions, Chahira congratulations for your engagement and your will to help the most stripped and also to allow has Canadian missionaries to live an experiment of division and lapse of memory of oneself.

During this month, we celebrate missionaries and we would like to congratulate Chahira for her work with the less fortunate and for giving Canadians an experience of helping and self-giving.

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Chacun de Nous is a publication of the French Separate School Board (South Central District)

Thank You and Congratulations, Mr. Ken Allen

September 2006:Canadian Hearts and Hands would like to espress our sincere thanks and best wishes to Mr. Ken Allen, of DHL Canada for assisting the transport of supplies to Kenya. Mr. Allen will be assuming a new post in the company and we wish him great success on his new endeavour.

In Memoriam: Mary Perry (1953-2006)

August 2006:The Canadian Hearts and Hands family is deeply saddenned by the loss of one of our associate members and our dear friend, Mary Perry. Mary, together with her husband Steve have been continuosly very supportive of and involved with the work of the missions. She will always be remembered for her kindness and warmth as well as her sense of humour. Our love and prayers are with Steve and their family in this difficult time.

"I am the resurrection and the life. Those that believe in Me, even though they die, shall live again."

John 11:25-26

Summer Missionaries Return Safely

July 2006: Our missionaries have returned from working in Nairobi. This year's mission focused more on working directly with the children, unlike previous missions which balanced construction and repairs with social work. The project at Langata consisted of teaching street children brought in from the area around the slums. For more details and photos, click on the Missions page.

Canadian Hearts and Hands Summer Mission Underway

May 2006: Once again, Canadian Hearts and Hands is continuing its work in Kenya. The new project concentrates on working with street children in the Langata area of Nairobi. Together with the Salesians, our volunteers will help in the development of children who so desperately need a good environment to grow up in. We wish our missionaries the best and pray for a safe and productive time. For more information about the project, please click on the Projects page.

Loyola Catholic Secondary Celebrates Diversity

April 2006: Loyola Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga has chosen Canadian Hearts and Hands to be the recipient of this school year's fundraising efforts. Staff and students of the school community have spent the year raising awareness and funds for the projects of CH&H. Through the many efforts of the H.O.P.E. committee (Helping Other People Everywhere) funds have been raised through Lenten drives, collections and most recently the celebration of Culture Fest.

Every two years Loyola hosts this event as a way to illustrate the diversity of the school community. Students represent their heritage with different pavilions showcasing food, art, music, dance and traditions. Father Makarios Isaac, recently returned from Kenya, addressed the school and expressed the appreciation of Canadaian Hearts and Hands of the schools generous spirit.

In the past, Loyola Catholic has had an excellent record ofsupporting social justice causes. Loyola has supported humanitarian work in Haiti, India and other parts of the developing world.

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Karibu Sana, Fr. Isaac!

April 2006: Canadian Hearts and Hands celebrates the safe return and successful mission of Fr. MAkarios Isaac. Fr. Makarios has spent his sabbatical in Machakos, Kenya working with the Machakos Catholic Technical Institute. As the direct link between the Diocese of MAchakos and Canadian Hearts and Hands, he has provided an invaluable service to both. For more details of the work in Machakos please see our Missions page.

Daily Nation (Nairobi, Kenya)

Daily Nation (Nairobi, Kenya): March 27,2006.

Two New Missionaries Leave For Machakos

February 2006: Two more missionaries are joining Fr. Isaac and our current mission team in Kenya. Shirley Bexfield and Marie O'Neil have made the journey to Machakos to work at the Better Centre. Currently, Chahira Tadros, the president of Canadian hearts and Hands, with Maria Trigiani are working at the centre in various activities. So far, the work in the centre has involved construction and repair of the building and teaching. Shirley and Marie are looking forward to helping out at the centre and to the new experiences that await them.

First Missionary Team of 2006 Heads for Kenya

January 2006: Canadian Hearts and Hands president Chahira Tadros, along with Maria Trigiani, left for Kenya to continue the work at the Diocese of Machakos Technical Institute. Maria, who was part of the July 2005 mission, will be teaching sewing classes at the centre. We wish them a safe journey and wish them well as they continue the work of Canadian Hearts and Hands. 

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