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June 2022
Menya, Egypt

The Oasis Center awareness program has been a great success and reached those who are working with children and vulnerable ones.The training  program for youth is also on the go. Many cases are being followed by our psychologists team.

June 2019
Menya, Egypt

As we mentioned in our previous updates we were approached, by the Catholic Diocese of Menia, Egypt, and accepted to commence a similar project to Kenya. The plans for the centre are not only to treat the  children and women but for them to have a place for retreat in order for them to relax and re-energize in a safe environment.

Starting January 2019, we began renovations and repairs for the centre. Unlike Kenya, we were fortunate enough to be given pre-existing farmland to build upon for the new centre. We have maintained these lands to yield melons, mangos, sesame, grapes, wheat, tangerines, lemons, tomatoes, and dates.  We also have a tilapia fish farm on our property. Our goal is to make the centre self-funded utilizing the yields from our harvests. 

June 2019
Saint therese development center

Canadian Hearts and Hands continues to see the growth and development of our rehabilitation center established in Kenya. We would like to thank our staff and volunteers for their continuous effort and hard work.

The success of our program would not have been achieved without the dedication of the children to their own progress and the staff’s and volunteer’s commitment our mission.

Between 2018 and 2019 we are proud to announce we have accepted 40 new children into our center.

We are excited to bring you updates as we are very optimistic looking forward into the future.

We invite you to take a look at our gallery to see photos of our progress.

October 2018
new solar system

We have been blessed by  the generosity of many people around the globe and this one is from Malta. The new solar system is covering the security light. 


Aug 2017
Filtered Water In The Center

We are happy to announce that a water filter has been placed to rectify the high level of fluoride in the drinking water that result dental fluorosis, an irreversible condition characterized by blackening and cracking teeth.

If left untreated fluorosis can also leave bones vulnerable to fracture.

March 2016
Timeline Story

We thank Tomas & Anna (from Slovakia) and Cherine (from Egypt) for their time and effort spent in the Center. We wish them all the best in their respective futures. We would like to welcome our new missionaries Peter, Maria, Clemens and Marilis from Malta and Germany.

We would also like to welcome the new staff members in all our different departments: Naomi at Total Health Clinic and Pharmacy, Hannah and Lois at Guiding Star School, Daisy and Leah at Morning Star Children Residence.

June 2015
2015 Shipment

DHL EXPRESS shipped 116 boxes from Toronto Canada to Naivasha Kenya

Our recognition and thankfulness to:

Ken Allen
Charles Brewer
Alan Cassels
Darryl Wettlaufer
Andrew Williams
Ezra Oguto
Scott Nagel

Toronto, Canada

January 2015
Donation of equipment and supplies

Henry Schein 
Lora Mayhew
Dan Wilson
Donation of Ultra sound machine CCE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 
Larry Chesler
Donation of Medical supplies
Dr. Nabegh Abdelshaheed 
Donation of medications cart
Helen Huh

October 2014

This Thanksgiving, we were all united in prayer all around the world to recognize all the gifts in our lives. At St Therese, each child had a chance to express him/herself. It a very moving and powerful prayer.


August 2014
DHL 2014 Shipment

DHL has generously shipped over 100 big boxes again  this year. 

What a team, what a spirit.

A very special THANK YOU to:







April 2014
Update from St. Therese Development Center

We now have 46 children and their progress is remarkable.

They attend the Center School( Guiding Star) every day. The teachers are generally pleased with there academic progress.

With 3 psychologists on site, the healing process is on the rise.

We had a break of chicken pokes in February and 16 of our children got affected . The HIV positive children were quarantined for two weeks. We hired a matron to take care of the children at night.

In regard of our latest addition to our Center, 

August 2013
Grand Opening of the clinic

We were honored by the presence of many friends who came to share our joy with this new addition to our Center. This clinic will serve the residing children as well as the whole community of Mirera.

Special THANK YOU to SHERIF GERGES who succeeded to raise the fund through his climb of Kilimanjaro and made this dream come true.

March 2013
visit by DHL representatives

our center was visited by several DHL representatives including: Ken Allen – Global CEO, Charlie Dobbie - Executive Vice President Global Network Operations: Aviation and IT, Charles Brewer - Managing Director Sub-Saharan Africa, Ezra Ogutu - Services Manager, Kenya, Benjamin Rop - Fleet Supervisor, Kenya, and Susan Njoroge - Marketing & Communications Manager, East Africa. Our staff and children were overwhelmed by the generosity of these individuals when they presented each child with several personalized gifts. DHL has been an extremely gracious partner and have sponsored a large shipment of supplies to be sent in June from Canada to our home in Naivasha, Kenya. During their visit, DHL also announced that they will be donating a school bus to St. Therese Development Center.